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Living Islam for a purpose

Living Islam with Purpose Dr. Umar Abdullah discusses five operational principles to facilitate the acquisition of deeper knowledge and understanding of Islam. "While this paper is written with the American Muslim community in mind, its five operational principles are relevant for Muslims everywhere, especially those in Canada, Britain, and Western Europe." http://www.tabahfoundation.org/research/pdfs/Tabah-Paper-5-En-Living-Islam-with-Purpose.pdf

15th-century poem reinvented in 21st century Andalusia

Classic Persian Poem sung in English, Arabic and Farsi to Celtic tunes Abdal Hakim Murad returns to Andalusia with his Alborán ensemble to join Ali Keeler and Abdallateef Whiteman in Argiva for their latest recording session. by Bob Shingleton “If the featured album was pitched as the world premiere recording of a newly discovered 16th […]

The legacy of Andalusian agriculture

The Andalusian Books of Filāḥa While agriculture improved and expanded throughout the Muslim lands, it was in Al-Andalus that it reached its apogee. In the opinion of Scott in his History of the Moorish Empire in Europe the agricultural system of Moorish Andalusia was “the most complex, the most scientific, the most perfect, ever devised by […]

Andalusian calligraphy

  A Beginners Guide to Andalusi Calligraphy. Filmed in and around Orgiva and al-Andalus, this is the untold story of the only European calligraphic script used to write the Quran. Almost extinct, yet it was eleven a part of the most extraordinary cultural flourishing of the Middle Ages. Trace its journey from Madinah to its […]