As-salam aleikum, peace to you dear friends!

Kutubía is a muslim led, not for profit cultural project based in the Andalusian town of Órgiva.

We run a wide variety of study groups, classes, educational programs, events, seminars, book launches, food distribution for the needy and concerts as well as being an important local community hub.

In sha Allah our intention is to keep this valued space open and increase much needed activities and support in our local area and more broadly online, even if the challenges of the pandemic and the varying regulations require intelligent lateral thinking.

To make this happen we really need help meeting our monthly costs.

Any donation would be so very greatfully received- be it a one-off or regular support.

You can contribute either with Paypal (quick, with a little commission) at this link:

Or via bank transfer at :



IBAN : ES97 2100 2505 0202 1020 1008

Our webpage is currently under construction.

Please share this message, thank you very much for your time.