Salma Hasan Ali is a storyteller, author, consultant, and nonprofit leader. She uses the power of stories to bring people together, inspire kindness and service, and reveal a person’s purpose. As Principal of SHA Storytelling Consulting, she helps people develop, write, and market their own narratives for both personal and professional use. Salma’s new book launched this year, “30 Days: Stories of Gratitude, Traditions, and Wisdom”, is a limited-edition handmade book of personal stories, with exquisite art by an Afghan artist, around themes that reveal our common humanity. In her volunteer capacity, Salma helps lead an award-winning nonprofit called KindWorks that promotes community service; her latest campaigns focus on setting up apartments for Afghan refugees and on KindSoup, building community during the pandemic by cooking soup together, via Zoom, to share with those in need. She is a finalist for the 2019 March of Dimes Heroines of Washington Award and was nominated for the El Hibri Foundation Community Builder Award in 2019 and 2017. Salma’s website is; you can follow her latest blog, humanKIND, on Instagram @salma.hasan.ali.