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¿Quiénes son las personas invisibles en nuestras comunidades?

¿Quiénes son las personas invisibles en nuestras comunidades?
Una charla por Nora Fitzgerald, Fundadora del Restaurante Solidario Amal en Marrakesh, Marruecos
Espacio Kutubia, Orgiva, miércoles 23 de agosto, 19:45
Basado en su charla TEDx, Nora Fitzgerald compartirá sus ideas sobre cómo inició una ONG muy eficaz en Marruecos. Es una historia inspiradora sobre cómo crear un verdadero cambio para las “personas invisibles” de nuestras comunidades. Seguirá una discusión abierta con los participantes. Charla en español e ingles.

Who are the invisible people in our communities?
A talk by Nora Fitzgerald, Founder of the Non-profit Amal Restaurant and Training Center in Marrakesh, Morocco
Kutubia space, Orgiva, Wednesday Agust 23, 7:45 pm
Following the lines of her TEDx talk, Nora Fitzgerald will share her insights into starting a successful NGO in Marrakesh, Morocco. This is an inspiring story on how to create real change in the lives of the “invisible people” in our communities. A discussion and Q&A will follow, tying in the relevance of the talk with our everyday lives and communities. Talk in English and Spanish.

Empowerment starts when the invisible are seen | Nora Fitzgerald | TEDxCarthageWhat is the best way to help your community? This is the story of a small, not-for-profit restaurant in Marrakesh called Amal, that aims to empower women who…

Gandhi and Islam

Gandhi, Islam, and the Principles of Non-violence and Attachment to Truth

by Dr. Karim Lahham

‘History,’ Lord Acton once said, ‘should be, not a burden on the memory, but an illumination of the soul.’ This implies the need for a synthesis of the historical flux into an intelligible form that can serve as a basis for illumination. It is common enough a point to agree that the function of the historian is to record socio-political facts, but we would add that it is no less his duty to provide also formulas, those relational aspects that are necessary to make such facts intelligible.