Kutubía was founded in the Andalusian town of Órgiva in 2016 as a multilingual, open space for cultural events and the exchange of knowledge. We are an apolitical association, that embraces people of all backgrounds with an interest in the culture of traditional Islam, one based on knowledge, compassion, tolerance, love and beauty.

Our aim is to stimulate and facilitate the educational and cultural aspirations of this community while providing a venue for its creative output in the areas of art, crafts, music and literature. Art exhibitions, concerts, films, documentaries, and book launches relating to the central theme of illuminating knowledge will all be included. In support of this we are hosting creative workshops, in addition to regular classes in Arabic language and the core subjects of Islamic studies.

Founded by a group of people from many different backgrounds who have embraced Islam, we hope to foster a better understanding of the multifaceted and compassionate nature of traditional Islam, bringing together people of many paths in the spirit of dialogue, openness and the search for beauty.






Films / Lectures